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Background Checks and Due Diligence in Russia

Bussiness security holding company Alternativa-M

Welcome to the official site of Alternativa-M

Alternativa-M is a Russian business security holding company.
Implementing a professionally-tailored, expedient, and dependable safety framework to keep individuals, assets and business practices immune from danger is the chief mission pursued by the Alternativa-M Holding Company in its routine operations. With our affiliated network of versatile resources, we provide corporate and private physical security solutions, legal advice and consulting programs designed to help our clients identify, evaluate and mitigate commercial risks and vulnerabilities, minimizing their exposure to loss or jeopardy through formerly untapped reserves (Security in Russia).

  • - gathering of information for business talks and long term planning
  • - due diligence in Russia
  • - background checks in Russia
  • - detective services
  • - development of the company security concept
  • - background screening and investigations in Russia
  • - detection and mitigation of possible threats to business
  • - intellectual property (brand) protection
  • - pre-employment investigations in Russia
  • - forensic services in Russia
  • - working out rules for the company employees use of confidential data media
  • - investigation of the employees disclosures of company commercial secrets

Our Clients

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The Head office is located at: 17 building 1, Volgogradskij prospect, Moscow, 109316 Russia. Phone: +7(495) 676 09 46, Fax: +7 (495) 676-09-46,
English manager phone: + 7 495 961 98 01







Police Koordination



17 building 1, Volgogradskij prospect, Moscow, 109316 Russia


Телефон: + 7 495 961 98 01
Факс: +7 495 662-57-20